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The brief

Verstas Apartment neighbourhood in Karjasilta, Oulu is moving forward with a concept called Smart Traffic (a joint project by Hartela, OP Kulku and Sito) which aims to reduce the number of parking spots in apartment neighbourhoods by 20-30% and improve the mobility of neighbourhood residents.

The background

Smart Traffic concept includes 4 different elements: 1) Smart Parking Management, which aims to optimize the usage and costs of parking spots. 2) Car Sharing, which aims to reduce the number of parking spots and privately owned cars by offering residents an easy and cost-efficient way of travelling. 3) Electric Car Charger Points, which aims to support ecological and future way of travelling in the neighbourhood. 4) Bike Sharing, which shares the same goals as the car sharing initiative (2) This Demola project will be centered around the Smart Parking Management Initiative (1). Karjasilta Verstas neighbourhood’s parking spots will be mainly constructed underground but some of them will also be traditional above ground parking spots. Currently, the construction standards state that there must be 1 parking spot per every constructed 80 apartment square metres. In Karjasillan Verstas one apartment block consists of about 3000 square metres so standards demand that around 38 parking spots must be constructed and Hartela aims to reduce the number of parking spots by 20% to 30% with Smart Parking Initiative. Buying a parking spot is extremely expensive for a resident (circa 20 000 €/spot) and it’s even more expensive for the construction company (construction costs circa 24 000 €/spot). The maintenance cost of a parking spot is around 25-30 €/month. These high costs may lead to a situation where some of the parking spots will never find an owner.

The problem

Parking is expensive for the residents (investment and maintenance costs). Some of the spots are underused during the working days. The aim is to find a dynamic and smart parking management concept which maximizes the usage of underused parking spots and thus reduces costs. This will be done in three different ways: 1) offering residents new ways to improve smart mobility in the city, 2) reducing the number of owned private cars and 3) creating an innovative way to manage parking spots in the neighbourhood. This Demola project will be centered around the Smart Parking Management Initiative. Important factors to research are: Parking management concept, parking spot management concept, new service creation around parking, restrictions, limitations & possibilities of today and tomorrow, possible effect on standards.