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Nucu Oy

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  • business & concepts
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  • healthcare

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The brief

Find out to whom Nucu's product (technology which allows you to feel pulse from inanimate objects) should be targeted and how you can create value for future customers in terms of products and services!

The background

Nucu Oy is an Oulu based start up company which has created an innovative technology which allows you to feel pulse from inanimate objects. They've found out that feeling pulse other than your own has a relaxing and calming effect and they now want to commercialize this finding.

The problem

In today's 'connected' world, we are somehow less connected than ever before. The things we value the most are the ones we miss the most: touch of another human being. Nucu's technology has been successfully tested in the University Hospital of Oulu where prematurely born children have instantly calmed down when they've been placed in a prosthetic arm from which they can feel the pulse through Nucu' technology. Now Nucu wants to find a team composed of medical, business and tech professionals to commercialize their technology! Your job is to find how Nucu should take its first steps - should they target hospitals and prematurely born children or include other groups too who could benefit from the solution? Could it be used in therapy services (e.g. autistic children), preventive health care (e.g. preventing bedsores) or even with animals (pets & animal production). In addition, your team will be there to create the value proposition to the customers you recognize! You'll be working closely together with the other Nucu team who'll be concentrating on making your visions come true product-wise!