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City of Oulu

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • engineering
  • environment
  • governance
  • healthcare
  • media & communications
  • social science

Project Blog

The brief

Some say it's the people we live with who raise us. Children and youth socialize and interact very closely with their environment and that's why community plays a big role in the development of children. However in today's society individualism and feeling of being left out are more present than ever whether we're talking about the youth or the old. In the core of this initiative is the will to bring together the residents, city officials and companies to engage them in co-creation of their own, better future.

The background

Wellbeing is a sum of many factors but it's mainly composed of three major things: the feeling of "I can manage my daily life", the feeling of "I am worthy and important" and the feeling of "I'm being heard". Humans socialize and interact with their environment on a daily basis and the environment can either have a negative or positive impact– this is the reason why for example a young person's environment should be as consistent as possible. In the old days, it was the community that provided the consistent positive impact on people's lives. For example, people could go around the town and say "This is our own, local store. We know the store owner etc." But what's the situation right now? What do people think about their local grecy store's role nowadays? Do they even see that they could be increasing wellbeing in the community? This relationship is quite unclear although it holds mighty potential! Just think about how communities (families, schools and stores) worked together when for example they banned selling energy drinks to underage children. So what if we took a trip back to the old days and tried to bring it back to 21st century?

The problem

The following questions should be considered: *How can we build a trusted relationship between the community and the local store in the area? *What could be the role of the local store in strengthening community thinking together with schools and families in the area? *Are there needs and things that would promote and increase the feeling of "I can manage my life" in the community? Is there something that prevents this from happening? How can the local stores together with families and schools work on solving these things? *What kinds of things create the feeling of community? What could be done to increase this feeling? Target groups: Elementary schools and pupils (pilot targets) Local stores and its employees (pilot targets) Children and their families Skills needed: Educational sciences, educational psychology, sociology, history,