It's about the people! Improving the wellbeing of children and youth through regional activities


Education and Culture Services, City of Oulu

Project Skills

  • design & art
  • education
  • environment
  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

Some say it's the people we live with who raise us. Children and youth socialize and interact very closely with their enviroment and that's why community plays a big role in the development of children. However, in many cases, children, young people and other members of the community feel that they are left out - that their needs are are not heard and that's when things take a turn for the worse. The city of Oulu wants to create a concept that would connect local inhabitants with local authorities in order to recognize the needs of the community more efficiently and make them visible so that they could be implemented and used to improve the overall wellbeing of the members of the community. It could be a tool that will be used inside the community or a concept that takes advantage of the resources which are already available. In this case, your solution should be targeted to children and families with children in one of the four regional areas. However, the solution has to be applicable to other areas too!

The background

City of Oulu Department of Culture, Education and Wellbeing is divided into four different regional responsibility areas. Each of these regional areas houses a wellbeing centre and services department which aim to improve the overall wellbeing of local inhabitants. Wellbeing is being created when people meet: it deals with social interactions, contributions to community and feelings of being appreciated as individuals. Communities have different needs but the way these needs can be recognized and addressed is the same. This is what the City of Oulu wants to achieve in order to become a better place to live for its inhabitants.

The problem

What are the things that form the "heart of the community"? What does wellbeing consist of? How could the needs of the community be recognized better to support its members? What are the pieces that contribute to day-to-day wellbeing and kind of things decrease it? What should you do to change things?