Creating Service Through Logistics


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  • business & concepts
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  • engineering
  • environment
  • governance
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Project Blog

The brief is a Finnish startup which is specializing in selling and buying used cars in new and innovative ways. They’ve won multiple awards, the latest being ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland’ award. Now is renewing and expanding its international presence. New service concepts bring a whole lot of challenges with them; one of them being a safe and reliable delivery and customer service concept for importing cars from Germany to Finland.

The background needs new perspectives and ideas especially in logistics, where the focus lies on creating a smart system for company’s internal logistics and a reactive way to answer to customers’ individual needs. The most important questions / challenges which your team will be tackling are: *Designing a sales and delivery process for cars imported to Finland (what, where, when) *Delivery process before/after a car is bought *Value of car delivery from the customer’s perspective *Logistical possibilities from perspective *Predictability of logistics in the car sales/delivery system

The problem hopes that logistics will play a crucial role in supporting sales and where sales will play a crucial role in supporting logistics. So the main question is: What kind of things logistics could enable from business perspective? Target group: personnel and logistics Customer’s perspective